The War Ender
from I Am

I spoke to the heart of darkness
Let there be light
I reached into the dead man's chest
And brought him back to life

I am the shock to the system
Reanimation is in my hands
I hold keys of life and death
And nothing can stand against my plans

I am he that buries men alive
Drowns them and draws them out to thrive
I make the blood flow through your veins
I am the author of your final chapter
The bringer of life and the bringer of pain

For a time, there is war
So that war can yield peace
But always I am Lord
Despite pain and disease
The trials and battles of life
The endless burden of strife
The final breath of these monsters
I will bring to pass

I lay in ruins the war-machine
I conquer the conquering
War-ending angels I will deploy
The destroyer I will destroy