March of the Dead: Song of the Week #3

This is our third weekly edition of “Song of the Week” here on and I’m really happy with how this program has gone.  All of you guys seem to enjoy discussing these songs and I’m pleased as punch to hear what you’ve got to say.

So here we are at Week #3 and this week marks a couple important occurrences in the Song of the Week program: 1) this marks the last of the opening tracks from past albums and 2) this Friday, we’ll start the 12 Days of BTA!

This week’s song is March of the Dead and after this week, we will have been able to review all of our past opening tracks and cherish the thoughts of those first impressions we got when we glimpsed the very first sound intended to be heard from each album.  The review of the March of the Dead will be on Thursday instead of Friday to accommodate Friday being the kick off of the 12 Days of BTA.

So Friday marks the beginning of the 12 Days of BTA here on the official BTA site and during this time, you’ll be able to hear one track from Celestial Completion each day leading up to the album release on March 29.  We’re also pleased to announce that our great friends in building this website/community have created a series of art pieces to be displayed on the site in conjunction with each song posting.  Josh Jenkins and Levi Watson have helped make this site a reality and a pleasure to view and now they’re contributing their own Celestial Completion-inspired art to illustrate the concepts of each song.

Each of the 11 pieces of art are part of a composite that makes up a total cohesive image.  This composite mirrors the idea that each of the 11 songs on Celestial Completion is part of the total sonic “picture” that we intend for you to see/hear.  It also mirrors the idea that each of us are part of a composite of this community, working together, relying on each other and contributing to a community of learning, expression and fulfillment.

So get ready for the 12 Days of BTA and in the meantime, discuss March of the Dead!


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