Terminate Damnation – A Decade of Nostalgia

Our debut album, Terminate Damnation, is turning 10 this month.  Our precious debut album, of which we were immeasurably proud, was unleashed on the general public on August 30, 2005.

The album was a collection of songs that various members had written over the previous couple years.  It was the best of what we had and we felt we had a lot.  We were full of vim and vigor, and we had no idea what we were doing.

The album had some really great aspects, chief among them being the insanely great painting by Dan Seagrave.  Dan is British, so perhaps we should expect him to be better at everything.  But of all the incredible pieces he’s done for legendary metal bands (and they number in the hundreds), I honestly believe Terminate Damnation is his best work.  You can’t imagine how excited we were when we saw what he’d done with the direction we gave him.  We commissioned an idea and Dan made the idea one of the best paintings I’ve ever seen.

Terminate Damnation also saw Tue Madsen do the mixing.  He’s Danish, so of course he does everything better (notice a pattern?).  His mix was huge.  He made the raw recording a behemoth.  We ended up using him again on I Am and in both cases, the mix sounds monstrously gigantic.

Ryan Clark (singer of Demon Hunter, guy who signed us to Tooth and Nail/SolidState) hand-drew our original logo.  I kinda wish we’d stuck with it longer because it was so raw and thrashy.  But since The Physics of Fire was so black metal, we asked him to design something more along those lines for our sophomore album, which he graciously did very well.  But that original logo is so freaking cool.  It looks so good as a patch on a blue jean jacket that I actually have it as a patch on my punk blue jean jacket that I haven’t worn in at least a couple eras of my life.

Even in 2005, we were black-metal-minded, though.  I wrote Elegy as a direct desire to produce a perfect marriage of Opeth and Extol, my two favorite bands, both of which have prominent black metal roots and both of which are Scandinavian.  We also adopted names, and my moniker of Count Seth was a direct result of my black metal love.  There was Euronymous, Hellhammer, Count Grishnackh, etc.  So of course I had to be credited as Count Seth.  Unknown to most, I had built my own coffin the summer before (2004), and I burned into the wood door an Elizabethan simply portrait of myself , encircled by the words “Count Seth, Lord of Death.”  So I carried that name over to Terminate Damnation.  We actually used that coffin to carry in our merch at our CD release show for the album at the Shma in Birmingham, AL.  I also slept in that coffin during my last semester of college before leaving on tour.  It was hot.

So the album is about to be 10 years old.  It’s still our best-selling album. I’d like to compare it to our other albums, but I think that should be its own post, don’t you?

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  • Robert Wilson

    One thing I have loved about each album, is they are uniquely their own, but yet fit completely into the bands catalog. Like having kids, you love them all the same, but for their uniqueness.

    I was in a Family bookstore picking up Demon Hunter’s “Summer of Darkness”, when I saw the CD cover and was intrigued. Thank God they had an open copy to listen to. I started spinning it, and three things stuck out right away: The heaviness of it, the piano in “Elegy” and the classical guitar work in “Night’s Sorrow”. That was a grat summer for me, to get those two albums. I can’t remember, but I think you toured with DH, and I wish I had seen it.

    I’ve told you this before, but the piano part in Elegy still makes me tear up. When I listen to that song, that part makes me think of the futility of life and all that we do. I also think of friends that have passed away. But then the end of the song picks it up, and I think about the resurrection and reunion of life with our creator, and I am at peace again. Every time I listen to it.

    One of my wife’s favorites is “The Epigone”. She just loves the intro on that when it kicks in and Jason screams.

    And finally, yes the cover art is awesome! You don’t see much art that has a traditional feel to these days (I sound like an old man on a porch rocking chair). But it is one of the things that got me to pick it up, and begin a love of Becoming the Archetype.

    • Count Seth

      Man, that is powerful! Thanks for sharing that. It’s one of those aspects that makes being in a band totally worth it.

  • Jason Gardner

    Terminate Damnation sold me on BTA and I became an instant fan. However, Dichotomy still holds pride of place for me–a crushing album that I still listen to often.

    • Costello

      Yes, Dichotomy is best BTA’s album in my opinion, second – I Am

  • Brandon Moran

    i remember buying this cd at best buy on a whim. the reason this record stuck with me over the years and i still love it was as i listened to it, every time a melodic part hit, i would be like alright here comes the singing but it never happened! me personally i can’t stand singing in metal and i lose out alot listening to certain styles because singing has become synonymous with, even though you guys have incorporated in more and more over the years with your albums, it hasn’t been much and overly abused. so when i find albums that dont do it, they become a huge favorite of mine

  • Costello

    Hello Becoming The Archetype, hello Seth! Love your music. When you guys will relese new stuff??? I mean new album… Song??? Because there was CC in 2011, and right after then CP and I Am… And… 3 years of silence((( Yes, you guys are touring, release new merch, keep comunity active… But you know… Its not a thing all your fans would love… Because there are many os US living far away from USA and other big countries. For example – me. I am living in Russia, so i really can’t go to your shows… And your merch is quite expencive here((( Still got some of BTA t-shirts. So only thing that i REALLY WOLD LOVE is hearing something about new music… Titles… Lyrics… Anything. Please, if you have some plans on creating new stuff, or if you already recorded something, tell US anything about it!!!
    Stay awesome and cool! BTA forever! Seth, your Shreads are AWESOME AND SICK.
    Konstantin from Moscow, Russia.

  • Gerrie Aucamp

    How awesome Terminate is 10 years old, I am old school metal but the first time I was drawn to the art work and then I put it into the hi-fi system it blew me away. Best part of all it is Jesus metal. 10 years later it is still as fresh and kick ass as way back as it sounded in 2005.

    “The LORD bless BTA and keep BTA;

    the LORD make his face shine on BTA and be gracious to BTA;

    the LORD turn his face toward BTA and give BTA peace.”

    I bless you and release the power of the Holy Spirit upon BTA and I loose prosperity on you as Matt 18:18 states what ever is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven and this i petition my Heavenly Father in Jesus name.

    Rock on for Christ Brothers!