BTA Merch

Ok, so with our online merch store being closed down due to lack of sales, I have some merch on hand.  Sadly, it’s almost all Smalls and Extra Smalls (I guess scene kids stopped being a thing or they stopped wearing super tight shirts).

Also, Terminate Damnation and Physics of Fire are now both out of print and sold out.  Now I’ve just received an email that Capitol CMG has taken Celestial Completion out of print.

I wanted to give you readers of this blog the first crack at a couple things:

1) If you want a physical copy of Celestial Completion before they’re sold out, email me at and we’ll work out a way to get you a copy.

2) If you wear a Small or Extra Small in shirts or hoodies, send me an email at because I can seriously do a massive deal and give you enough shirts that you could wear nothing but different BTA shirts/hoodies for nearly a month (and it wouldn’t cost you much at all).

3) If you wear a Large, XL or XXL, let me know if there are any specific designs you ever saw and wanted.  Whether it was at a show or at our online store or on another person or even if you had a shirt that faded after 100 washes and need to replace it.  Leave a comment here and describe the shirt the best you can and I’ll see if it can’t be ordered again somehow or something like that.

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  • Sawyer Nixonltd Hunt

    Would love to get a shirt! Any one would be cool.
    Email me if it’s possible to get a xl shirt would love to show you guys support.

  • justin

    Hey I was wondering what stuff you have in small and large and how much stuff would cost

  • Ian Holley

    I would love to have a large shirt with the Celestial Completion artwork if at all possible. :)

  • Andrew

    There was one shirt I always wanted in large, I think it was for The Ocean Walker.

  • Ron Batts

    I would like Dichotomy in XXL.

  • brad

    i would like 2 or 3 different designs in large skulls win first!


  • Curt

    The black terminate damnation t-shirt with the sword on the back of it xl.

  • Andrew Molenaar

    If you have anything at all in XXL email me at Doesn’t matter what style, I just want anything!

  • Allen Anthony Jr.

    i’m looking for the one shirt with becoming the archetype on the front and three skulls under it XXL thanks

  • John Sands

    Hey Seth and everyone: do you have the BTA hoodie with the death metal style logo extra large? Plain on the back….ok

  • Russell Lafferty

    I would love the blue “I AM A BEAST” shirt in large. It’s the one with the sabertooth tiger on the front of it.

  • Devin Fehr

    Hey I was wondering what kind of shirts you guys have left?

  • KentonMikael

    I know this post is several years old, but I’m wondering if there is anyway to still be able to order the album artwork of Terminate Damnation as a shirt or sweatshirt or both. That album had a special place for me as it essentially got me into heavy music. I used to frequent your guy’s forum as well. Never got to see you live but maybe some day.
    So if there is any chance to get any merch from that “era”, it would be very very appreciated.