Regular News?

Sometimes, news and updates are hard to come by.  The last year and a half have been that way for BTA.  That trend might continue for a little while longer, but there is hope for the future.

So, in an effort to keep you abreast of what’s happening in the BTA world, I’m aiming to start using this page and the BTA FB page to update you on monthly (or quarterly, or whatever) basis.

Sound good?

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  • Kerrick

    Looking forward to hearing more; I’m glad to hear you’re still alive!

  • Cameron Wilkinson

    Awesome to see you guys are back hope to hear more news soon!

  • willduke


  • Nikolas Kukert

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear from you all again!

  • Blake

    So very excited! I absolutely can’t wait to hear some updates and some new material from my favorite band!

  • michalR

    Any new release soon? Cheers from Poland!