Songs Released from I AM

So you know the drill:  a band gets ready to release a new album and they start throwing songs online for their fans to listen to.  Usually it’s 3-4 songs so that people can get properly excited about the new album.

With this album, the current plan is to release 4 songs before the album is released.  We’re trying to be creative with how we do this, thus you have the unlock situation with The Time Bender.

As for the songs themselves, I can’t reveal which ones will be released yet, but I can say that we chose to release The Time Bender first because it’s the most straight-forward song on the album.  It’s super brutal and features most of what BTA does best.  It doesn’t have any clean singing, but at least one of the songs we release will have clean singing and I think you’ll really dig it.

The Time Bender was a good song for us to play live this summer and to release first and to make a video for because it’s not super complicated or confusing.  We have a knack for occasionally losing some listeners with our more progressive songs, haha.  So we still have that progressive element on I AM, but it’s in songs we don’t plan to release before the album comes out.

All of this to say:  FEAR NOT! The next couple songs released will be super heavy as well and will contain more progressive elements.  Enjoy these songs as we release them and remember, we often save the most beautiful moments (both musically and visually) for those willing to purchase the CD.

God bless and rock on!

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  • Horst Likesbands

    I like how you handle these things with the release of single songs … looking forward to the oncoming cd!
    I guess whatever you’ve done on this cd you’ll ever have huge spot in my heart and home! best wishes!

  • Nik

    Really enjoying the new release — keep it up!
    One question though (if you’re listening, Mr. Hecox) — is the line “Eternally Self-Existant” a reference to a song from the album Dichotomy by the same (partial) name?

    • Seth Hecox

      It’s not, but it’s a common BTA theme among lyrics about Christ.

      • Nik

        Cool! Your lyrical themes are a big part of what keeps me coming back for more. ^_^
        Thanks for the answer, and God Bless!

  • Horst Likesbands

    is that really the Coheed and Cambria singer on The Planet Maker?