A new era of BTA

Well, here it is.  You’ve heard about, you’ve thought about it.  Maybe you’ve even talked about it.  And now here it is.

A new BTA album with a new lineup.

As you will come to find out, I AM is a work of monstrous intensity and focus.  This is unlike any album we’ve done before because it’s sheer intensity drives home the fact that we have a new sound.  Now, that’s not to say that everything is completely different.  Chris sounds somewhat like Jason sounded.  The vocals are still huge.  We are still a progressive death metal band.  There are still keyboards and epic intros.  There is still an instrumental for track 5.

But you start to realize that while we’ve explored lots of sounds, we’ve never explored the sound of making a purely heavy album.  We’ve never focused on diving into heaviness with all of our attention.  So in my mind, I AM is a continuation of our musical journey and experimentation, primarily through focusing all of our attention on exploring sheer brutality in the riffs and in the vocals.

So there you have it.  Whether I AM becomes your favorite album ever is up to you.  It’s something we’re all exceptionally proud of and we have no doubts that those who don’t refuse to let go of the past will fall in love with this album and celebrate our entire catalog (just like Michael Bolton).


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  • Seba

    Great news!! I’ll wait to hear it all to make a final conclusion. But, as I was hearing the other day, it promises a lot…

    God bless!

  • LazarusDark

    I like metal in many forms, which is why I like BTA in particular. Nothing worse than having several albums from a band on your playlist and you can’t tell which album you are listening to cause they all sound the same. Thus far, each BTA album is a bit distinct and I say keep it going.

    (btw, when did this get disqus?)

  • Jared Fourteen

    To be honest, “Time Bender” has that same hook that led me to buy Terminate Damnation back in 2005: aggressive vocals paired with busy rhythm and lead guitars. But I think that catchy-ness is leading people to say “generic metalcore.” From what I hear there, and from the Amazon clips, it sounds blacker than The Physics of Fire, only sped up maybe to 1.3 times the tempo. Ha-ha. I’m excited for it.

  • http://www.zmandesigns.com/ Zach “The Z Man”

    So stoked for the new album! Great title BTW. Cannot wait!

  • Seba

    The Time Bender was an excellent intro to the whole album.
    I hope to see more of this stuff and other hand, something new. So, keep rocking.

    God has bleesed you.