In the studio!

Yep, you heard it straight from us, we’re in the studio, recording our 5th album! The songs are the most heavy and brutal we’ve ever written. Gone are the sitars and trombones of the last album. They’ve been replaced with a focused, cohesive sound. And that sound is quite metal. More updates on the way! If you feel so inclined, you can follow our progress on Instagram: @becomingthearchetype.

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  • Nik K.

    Can’t wait! Forgive my ignorance, but what studio are you recording at this time?

  • althrioan

    the produce is Shane Frisby. don’t know where he is sitting^^

    • althrioan


  • Aaron

    sick! when can i preorder? also will it come with a sweet shirt like celestial completion?

    • althrioan

      it’ll come out in Octobre or near that. At yep, there will be preorders with shirts and other sweet stuff (check one of the blogs before about that) at least it is planned.

  • deathisgain713

    Wait, I loved the trombone and sitar! In fact I wished there was MORE sitar! :( Is it too late to request more sitar?