Celestial Progression

So we’re releasing an album of remixes on April 17, titled Celestial Progression.  Get it?  Actually, it’s just an EP, since it has 6 tracks.

This whole thing came about as I realized I had a few friends who were particularly skilled at electronica and mixing-type stuff.  So I asked Solid State if we could do a remix album using songs from Celestial Completion and they said “Absolutely!”

So I sent the masters to my friends in Born of Water (great band, check em out) which is a duo from Nashville that makes great atmospheric and electronic music.  I also sent the masters to Sean Patrick Murphy, known as Giant Robot.  He lives in Chicago and has been a friend of mine for quite awhile now.  He played sitar on Celestial Completion and is lined up to produce the folk album that Brandon and I are doing this fall.

I told both groups to do what wanted and make the songs their own.  You see, I wanted the  remixes to take on a life of their own and be a song in their own right.  And that’s exactly what Tom and Jonathan (Born of Water) and Sean did.  Sean was a workhouse, knocking out 6 remixes of his own.  We used 5 of those because one was really crazy.  If you absolutely have to hear it, I bet he’d send it to you if he still has it.  Born of Water focused all their energy on one remix and did a great job as well.  Theirs is the clip that’s currently posted to our FB site and here on celestialcompletion.com.

The album will only be available digitally (iTunes and amazonmp3) around the world, but we might be able to work out a deal to have physical copies with us on the road.  If we do, you’ll be able to pick up the disc at our shows.

So listen to the clip, let me know what you think, and keep your eyes peeled for Celestial Progression on April 17!

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  • althrioan

    gimme that adress of Sean Patrick …. please!!! :D

    • Dustin

      I second this. I searched for Giant Robot and Sean Patrick Murphy (can a name be more Irish?), and while I found a lot of cool/disturbing stuff, I didn’t know what else to sort for. I want that 6th remix. How can I get ahold of Sean?

      • althrioan

        I also want cool and disturbing bta :D

    • althrioan

      Giantrobotproductions isn’t replying on Facebook :(
      Also the EP is great!

  • Jared Fourteen

    I really liked the Breathing Light remix. Hopefully I can get a physical copy. And while we’re on the subject, what I’ve heard is already way better than Extol’s Mesmerized EP.