Kickstarter and the folk scene

I’ve been working on a folk album with my good friend and ex-Anchors bandmate Brandon Michael Williams.  We’ve got 10 songs and are ready to get them recorded well and mixed well so you guys can hear them!

The only thing we need is funding, so that’s why we started a kickstarter campaign.  You can visit it here:

Kickstarter is a genius tool that lots of bands and independent artists are using to basically pre-sell their album.  If you would buy the album of a band you like once it comes out, why not buy it in advance and let that money help the band record the album and then they send it to you for free?  That’s the concept that most bands are using and I think it makes a lot of sense.

So if you would like to hear some sweet acoustic and organ music with vocal harmonies, then click the link, watch the video and help us out.  If you like BTA or Anchors or you just think I’m a jammin dude (I don’t know what that means but I heard a guy in a cool band say it so I’m pretty sure it means something awesome), then click on that link and be a part of something awesome.

Don’t miss out!

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  • althrioan

    the video is pretty sweet (meaning that you are pretty sweet :D)
    Anyhow, I hope to contribute something to your project (if I find a good credit card offer) even though I can’t relate to Folk but since you’re a jammin guy it’s ok ;)

  • martin k

    that video is pure comedy! love it!

  • althrioan

    you can also use the small link right hand side under the video:
    the long one is a bit ugly ;)

  • Lazarus Dark

    I’ll think about it. I got the Anchors cd at Cornerstone in 2008. I break it out once in a while when the mood strikes