BTA album #5

You heard it here first:  BTA is gearing up to record a new album in a few months.  We’ve already begun writing and these riffs are immediate headbang material.  We’re going more heavy on this album and letting go of some of the more extreme experimentation that we explored on Celestial Completion.

Now, that’s not to say that the next album will be completely experiment-less.  We’ve always had unique, progressive sounds and those will never go away.  But strange sounds will not be the focus of the next record.  The focus of the next record is riffs that just blow you away with their heaviness and headbangability.  Yes, I just made that word up.

We’ve also got a lyrical concept in mind for the album and it’s one I think you’ll enjoy.  I won’t give away all the secrets yet, but I can say that it will continue the BTA tradition of speaking eternal truths by means of allegory and overt spiritual tones.

I’m declaring that now is officially the time to start getting excited about a new BTA record.  Let your brain run wild!

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  • martin k

    cant wait!!!! you write the best most brutal riffs ever!!

  • martin k

    Please come to winnipeg again when u tour this album!

  • Levi

    Right on! Looking forward to this big time!

  • Joel

    Awesome news! Can’t wait to see what you have your sleeves.

  • Robert

    Dang! I was really looking forward to BTA throwing in some polka on the next album. Something similar to the beginning of Tourniquet’s “Skeezix Dilemma”. I guess not.

    • Caleb

      Yea I kinda liked the experimentation as well, but I know some people weren’t so fond of it. I’m sure BTA won’t disappoint though!

    • countseth

      There will still be experimentation! Probably not polka, haha, but there’ll be creativity and some unique sounds mixed in. Think a heavier Dichotomy :)

      • martin k

        did u say a heavier dichotomy? r u trying to blow r brains out? dichotomy was the heaviest stuff ive evr heard, i cant imagine whats coming! cant wait!!!!! is there gonna b new merch too? could use some more shirts, my tiger shirt is completely worn out cause i love wearing it!

      • countseth

        New merch is on the way and should be out this spring/summer!

      • althrioan

        yay for new merch :) did you change the band logo for all the coming designs like on the Euro tour shirt?

  • Nik K

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to hear it! Will you be recording at Glow in the Dark studios again?

    • countseth

      We’re not completely sure, but probably not. We’ve got a unique team lined up for production and mixing that we’re really excited about but can’t announce it formally yet since not everything is completely confirmed.

      • althrioan

        sounds great Seth. God bless you guys.

  • Alex

    Celestial Completion was one of my favorite albums ever. I’ve listened to it many times, and it never gets old. I like it more than Dichotomy, but I can’t figure out why. I’m thinking either mixing, the tone of the guitars, and/or the heavy experimentation. I’m excited for the new album.

    From Alex, a Christian bassist with straight “A’s” in high school

    • countseth

      Good job on the grades! BTA supports doing your homework, brushing your teeth and always maintaining proper grammar in speech and prose!

      • althrioan


  • Nik K

    @countseth Cool! Thanks for the info, can’t wait to hear the album!

  • James the guy

    Once you make the CD I formally request that you come to Seattle and melt my face off.

    • Justin


  • Rachael

    holy crap that’s awesome!! i’m looking forward to hearing the new lineup playing.

    p.s: you guys seriously need to do more shows in Cali
    p.s.s: you guys are also one of my main inspirations for joining and conquering both AP Bio AND AP English

  • Seba

    Great news!!
    God bless you, men.

    What about “Celestial Progression”? The “heavier dichotomy” is another album?

    • countseth

      Yes. Celestial Progression is a remix EP consisting of 6 remixes of Celestial Completion songs.

      • Rachael

        wtf seth, why have i never heard of that yet?

      • althrioan

        because it was never really announced. just a few twitter posts via seths account and the bands one.

      • Rachael

        ah, that’s why…need to get back to stalking people’s twitter accounts

  • Lickastick

    A heavier dichotomy? When I heard that I almost fainted with excitement! Only thing I can ask for is more guitar solos!

  • Bob

    I love your experimentation more than a fat kid loves cake, but I trust you to make a cd more brutal than a 450lb linebacker attacking a juicy steak with his face regardless of style.

    • countseth

      Well put!

  • Lazarus Dark

    I’ll miss Wisdoms vocals, but I’m definitely interested to see where you go. I can’t deny that “less like Celestial Completion” sounds slightly disappointing, as I forced nearly everyone I know to listen to parts of it and watch the videos whether they liked metal or not. I really felt like this was some seriously hard metal with something that touches on a more mass appeal. And the geek-cred in the videos is undeniable.

    But then on the other hand “more like Dichotomy” sounds pretty freakin brutal. (just please tell me you’ll do a couple more geek-tastic videos)

    • countseth

      “Nothing is promised in life, not even your next breath.” That being said, watch out for that sniper at your back.

      Haha, but for realz, I can’t guarantee anything about videos or image at this point. We haven’t decided what we’re doing for sure with those aspects. What I can say is that the music and lyrical concept on the next album will crush. Guaranteed.

  • Idoplushtoys

    After this will you pleeeeeeaaaassseee tour with van halen? It would be a perfect match. Christian death metal and and an 80s rock band. PERFECT!!!!!!!! And bring Dream Theater along as well. And primus. And opeth. And symphony x. And then sneak Metallica in there as well.

    It will be called the “You’ve tormented me for far too long” tour. And the mosh pit would be called the celestial beat down. Please do it for me.

  • martin k

    i would love to see u guys tour with demon hunter and love and death( brian “head” welchs band), that would b a killer lineup!

  • Josiah

    Ahhh! Hurry, someone help me catch my brain!

  • Lazarus Dark

    yo SETH.
    Check this review for an android music app: (mostly look at the pics)

    There’s some odd choices in this guys music collection, but he must be quite the fan as he seemed to make sure to focus on BTA :D

  • Nick

    To some of us, like me in a band, the part that is appealing is the fact that we can hear your dedication and passion in the music. Your music does not sound like showing off, it sounds like an honest and true trust that music is the only way to save us and keep us focused in this world we don’t belong.

    You have always impressed me as well by not selling out, and by that I mean your lyrical style has not changed to “something less straightforward.” There is nothing more epic than “Hallelujah” at the end of an album the way He had you pull it off. I am constantly showing you off to people who question the validity of any form of religious music, and they are impressed. Also in the cases of Project 86 and Extol.

    Keep it up, as someone that uses playing music as well as listening to it to help me through life, I can say that some of us need warriors that do what you do.

  • Kryptech

    Seriously stoked about this! I love the way you promoted Celestial Completion online before it came out, giving us lyrics and audio samples, and sharing some of the thoughts behind the tracks. It would be awesome if you did that again!

    I’ll be praying for you guys as you work on this. Soli Deo Gloria!