2012 Movies

1) The Dark Knight Rises

2) The Hobbit (part 1)

3) Moonrise Kingdom

4) Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

5) The Pirates! Band of Misfits

6) Dark Shadows

7) Men in Black 3

8) Prometheus

9) Frankenweenie

10) Django Unchained

Anything I missed?

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  • Nick

    It should be a good year for movies!

  • Nik K

    Star Wars Episode I is being re-released in 3D…
    Other than that, your list looks complete!

    • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

      Hm, Episode I is the joke of the series, wouldn’t you say?

      • Nik K

        Indeed, but it’s Star Wars nonetheless. Call it an Honorable (or perhaps slightly less than honorable) mention?

      • http://weshouldallmakeaneffort.blogspot.com Austin

        I thought Episode II was the joke of the series. Too much of a chick flick. I enjoyed Episode I quite a bit.

    • Raist

      Personally, I hate 3D… I think it is profanation of Star Wars ;/
      But musically this yoear will be great! New albums of BTA, Black Sabbath, Orden Ogan. Even Running Wild are back and record new album! I’m going to ruin my wallet this year :)

  • Brian

    The Avengers

  • http://latenightcravings.com/ Erock

    Amazing Spider-Man, The Raven

  • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

    I should’ve clarified: I’m not into superhero movies at all except for Batman. They just don’t seem to interest me.

    • Jared Fourteen

      I’m with you there.

    • Josiah

      You aren’t into superhero movies? I am un-liking this band and cleaning out my mind of everything to do with it.

      But come on, man. What’s not to like about them? They are stories of selfless heroes who also get the hot girl. I’m really looking forward to The Avengers.

      • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

        I can’t really defend myself. I just don’t connect with them. Maybe it’s the too-polished production styles they all seem to sport or the heavy use of CG or the cliche story lines or the frenetic fight scenes that are mostly just chaos and maybe it’s the suspension of disbelief required by most of them. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but those elements certainly have something to do with it :)

  • http://www.brandonmichaelwilliams.net Brandon Williams

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Django Unchained, that’s going to be a good un. I don’t know about MIB III though, I wasn’t impressed with the second one. I’ll have to look up the rest of the ones you’ve mentioned to see if there is any interest there.

    • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

      Mainly check out Pirates! because it’s a fun claymation movie and no one seems to know about it.

      • Adriel

        i saw a preview for it the other day while watching Jack and Jill and it looks hilarious. it reminds me of flushed away, which i also enjoyed very much.

      • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

        Is Flushed Away claymation as well?

  • Jared Fourteen

    Huh. I wasn’t even aware of Frankenweenie. I wonder why Burton is revisiting one of his early films.

  • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

    Oh holy cow, I just saw the preview for Casa De Mi Padre. Wow.

  • Cykotron

    WHAT?!? Breaking Dawn Part II isn’t on your list? Just kidding, but I couldn’t resist. My additions would be Wrath of the Titans and Expendables 2, if just for the special effects. And I am looking forward to the Avengers, mainly because Joss Whedon is behind it and I like most everything he does.

  • Lazarus Dark

    World War Z, December 21
    Based on the novel by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks, but he does his own thing and doesn’t lean on his fathers name), screenplay by J. Michael Strazynski, creator of Bablyon 5
    Even if you don’t care for zombies, World War Z is like the Mona Lisa or Sistine Chapel of zombie novels.
    Brad Pitt’s production company, I’m sure they’ll try to do it right, though I kinda doubt they can do the book right in only 2 hours