Sam Childers

Anyone know about Sam Childers?  He’s known as the Machine Gun Preacher and he runs a children’s refuge in war-torn southern Sudan.  He’s controversial and the movie about him (Machine Gun Preacher) was controversial as well.  But it starred Gerard Butler.  So that’s good, right?

Anyway, I saw the movie in theaters with my family and enjoyed.  Then I bought his book (on which the movie is based) for my wife for Christmas.  Now I’m reading it because she has a high degree of difficulty in finding time to read.

And I’m blown away.

Seriously, this guy seems more like a myth or folk legend than a real human being.  Anyway, does anyone care to weigh in on Mr. Childers and his ministry?

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  • Diane

    I’ve met Sam Childers and he is quite sincere about helping orphaned children in South Sudan, northern Uganda and now Ethiopia and has done a great deal for adults in those areas, too. Check out the videos about him online and keep an eye out for the documentary that will be released and play film festivals some time in the spring of 2012. Sam’s a great character, too–very funny. He loves his guns and his motorcycles, but most of all his family and his church.

    • countseth

      Oh sweet, I didn’t expect someone to post here that had actually met him! Did he speak at your church or something? How did this occur?

  • althrioan

    Seems like I should get this book – Seth you’re source for good books :D

    • countseth

      Thanks man! I also suggest reading the Bible. It’s a popular one these days…

      • Josiah

        The what? What’s the Bible?
        Just kidding!

        I’m gonna have to check this book out. Is it the same title as the movie?

  • althrioan

    I’m doing it man … there could be more of it but yeah. I think I need more passion doing it …

  • Bryan-o

    I am interested in reading this myself. I heard about him at the Urbana Missionary Conference, but only a passing description of what he is doing. He is certainly controversial. I will have to check him out and get back with you.

    Greetings and blessings from Calvary Chapel in Japan!