Holiday Greetings!

Since the word “holiday” stems from the roots of “holy day” I get a mystical excitement whenever I say the word.  I enjoy the holiday season and always consider it a special time of year.  In my opinion, the holiday season starts in late October, with preparations for All Saints Day or Halloween and ends in early January, after New Year’s Day.

We all know there’s nothing intrinsically special about any of these days.  Our modern holidays are chosen to represent something special and we all agree to celebrate similar things on these days.  Jesus might not have been born on Christmas Day, but since we don’t know exactly when He was born, this is as good of a time as any to celebrate the coming of the Savior of the world.

So with that in mind, I’d like to invite each of you to reflect on the whole holiday season and dwell on the 4 distinct feelings/emotions that each of these 4 holidays evokes.  Halloween conjuring images of death and the truth of man’s mortality, Thanksgiving bringing about a (hopefully) thankful spirit and reflection on the goodness of our heavenly Father, Christmas returning our minds to the pre-eminence of Christ in our lives and what His life and death and resurrection mean to us, and New Year’s Eve/Day causing us to reflect on the past year and it’s victories and defeats as well as hopes and aspirations and goals for a new set of days.

Think on these 4 holidays together and prepare yourself for 2012.  It’s the last year of the world, according to new hipster logic about ancient calendars, so you better play it safe and prepare your soul for eternity, just in case.

Our website has been up almost a year now and I’m taking the rest of the holidays off (unless something crazy happens and I just have to blog about it).  So when I return, this site will be a year old and we’ll celebrate the one-year birthday of and look forward to the New BTA.


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  • althrioan

    have a nice christmas with your family and with your friends. Enjoy these days!


  • Jared Fourteen

    But I think it’s spectacular that there’s still such a big consensus to specifically celebrate the Incarnation. I agree, I’ve always considered that the holidays begin in October. ‘Tis a great time. Merry Christmas.

  • Rich

    Heres a video with Gerald Celente. He breaks it down. This guys track record is amazing. Please take a few minutes and check it out and let me know if it hits home or not.