O Holy Night

Our new single, “O Holy Night” is out!  Go buy it!  It’s available on iTunes and amazonmp3 right now.

This is your first chance to hear our new vocalist, Chris McCane.  Go buy it, listen to it and then if you like it, tell us what you think!  And if you don’t like it, go buy the new Justin Beiber album, bra.  JK.  But really…

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  • althrioan

    I love this song :D And I love you all :D Chris is a beast and you and Daniel are musical masterminds.
    My girlfriend/fiancée freaked out as she recognized that this was a cover done by you and was blown away at how good it was.
    Yesterday I was listening to it and some friends appeared and sung with the clean choral in thought it was just another cover – that the metal part came. Yeah! :D

    • Ryan

      Wow Chris has an amazing voice, can’t wait for more

  • Nik K

    Magnifico, as they who live across the pond would say.
    But really, very well done!

  • Nathan Pepmiller

    The song was sick! I love that a christian band is redoing christmas songs rather than secular. You guys never let me down! My favorite band forever!!! :D

  • Tim

    Hi, can you please make it possible to download O Holy Night elsewhere? Amazon wont let me because it’s not available in my location (New Zealand), and Itunes doesn’t have a version for linux so I can’t get it there (why should I have to download their program just to get one song, anyway?).
    If you can’t then I might have to go buy Justin Beiber’s album.

    • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

      Haha, well, let me see. I have no idea if it’s available elsewhere. I’ll inquire with the label. By the way, I hear absolutely fantastic things about living in New Zealand. Is it really that awesome?

      • Tim

        Cool, thanks.
        New Zealand is awesome, but I spend most of my time stuck in the city; although I’m going down to Wanaka (near where they did a lot of the shooting for the LotR movies) for a couple of weeks after Christmas, which will be nice.
        Maybe you guys should come and play some shows here and find out what it’s like..

      • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

        Dude, we’d love to play New Zealand! I haven’t been able to make it happen yet, though. Any suggestions?

      • Tim

        My best suggestion would be the parachute festival, held annually at the end of January. http://www.parachutemusic.com/events/festival
        You’d be guaranteed a crowd and it wouldn’t be too hard to organise.

        If you wanted to do a bit of a tour though, I have friends here in Christchurch who play in metal bands who would know who you should talk to to get things moving; I also have a friend in Dunedin who plays in a metal band who might have some contacts (he’s also a BTA fan). Beyond that I’m not really sure.

    • Lazarus Dark

      It’s available on Google Music, but I think that may be USA only too :(
      (also, I’m a little disappointed that it’s $1.29, when it’s only $.99 on Amazon)

      Maybe BTA should set up a paypal donate, so you can get the song “somehow”, then donate a buck.

      • Tim

        Yeah, when I clicked on the link it said it’s not available in my country, but thanks anyway.

        That’s a good idea- something like bandcamp would work, but I think that the label probably has more say in where the music is sold than the band does

  • Justin

    Jason and the drummer’s departure freaked me out a bit but after hearing the single Im ok with everything. It’ll have much more energy as a five piece and the guy sounds great live/studio. Im stoked for future albums n’ such.

  • Mike

    Love the song. Another great arrangement that BTA is known for. There isn’t many metal versions of Christmas songs and I’m very happy to add this to my library. I loved the old lineup and will miss Jason and Duck but if this song is a sample of what is to come…….Can’t Wait!

  • Lazarus Dark

    I like it. Definitely has some of that Celestial Completion flavor. Fantastic drum work.
    McCane’s vocals aren’t bad, but they seem a little generic too me, then again it wasn’t a very long sampling of them.
    I loved Wisdoms vocals, really some of my favorite vocals ever, right after Chad from Soul Embraced, so there’s a lot to live up to there. It’s only one song and its a one-off, so I’ll reserve judgement. Perhaps on a full album the new vocals will show through more.

    I really do hope the new BTA does well, I loved the direction Celestial Completion took and I want more of it.

  • Kryptech

    I was very impressed with your version! I love how it starts, with sort of a windy background and piano and choir. Very haunting and beautiful. The lyrics “fall on your knees” reminded me of the same line in “Ex Nihilo”, the first (and beloved) track I heard from BtA.