The New BTA

Becoming The Archetype is entering a new era.

There, I said it.  I also said it in my interview with Steve at, which posted earlier today.  Becoming The Archetype has had new members on tour for practically this whole year, which was a busy year.  We released our 4th album, Celestial Completion, and played over 80 shows in 12 different countries in just an 8 month span.  We also wrote and recorded Oh Holy Night (out December 6 on iTunes and amazonmp3!) and have orchestrated a series of remixes to be released early next year (I’m very stoked for you guys to hear these bad boys).

So yeah, it’s been a super-busy last 8 months and we did nearly all of it with some different members than are on Celestial Completion.  The vocalist we used for the vast majority of all that activity was Chris McCane.

Chris McCane is a cool dude who’s been a friend of BTA for years.  He and Daniel were in a band together before joining BTA and Chris also runs a music venue in Cleveland, GA.  Chris did a spectacular job touring with us this year and won over everyone who watched our sets.  He knows how to put on a great show and he appropriately projects the image of what the lyrics of our songs are saying.  He connects well with the audience and he’s fun to be around on tour.

All of these factors have led us to make Chris McCane the official new vocalist of Becoming The Archetype.

So as you probably have guessed by now, Jason Wisdom has left the band.  The reasons for this are explained adequately in my interview with indievisionmusic.  Also departing the band is Duck, drummer on 3 of our 4 albums.  Both will be missed and remembered fondly by us and by you guys.  We part on friendly terms (I just watched the Broncos game last night with Jason and played basketball with him the night before).  On drums and bass, we’ve had two members of The Overseer filling in, Abashai and Brad.  We would’ve loved them to join the band, but it looks like The Overseer is getting signed, so they’re gonna need to tour with their own band.  We’ve already found a drummer (that’ll be revealed soon) and we’re close to nailing down a permanent bass player.

With that being said, I strongly believe Becoming The Archetype still has a mission.  BTA has always considered itself a ministry and ministries don’t stop when a few members leave.  BTA will continue to reach out to the people who like this sort of music and give those people Christ-centered lyrics set in (we feel) quality, well-orchestrated music.

BTA also has a lot left to say musically.  Everyone got a small taste of Daniel’s songwriting capabilities on Celestial Completion, most notably on Path of the Beam and The Resonant Frequency of Flesh.  He is a fabulous guitarist and screamer and has a good singing voice to boot.  He’s already started writing some riffs for our next record and I’m way into them.  He and I will be working a lot over the next few months to craft the music of the next BTA album.

So this is the new BTA.  I’m very excited about it.  Solid State Records is very excited about it.  Heck, even Jason is a little excited about it.  So you should be excited about it.  I know some of you might be a little skeptical of ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, but just remember that without change, growth is impossible.  BTA has always grown as a band.  We’ve never had the same lineup on consecutive albums.  We’ve always made music we’re proud of and this time around will be no different.

So yeah, see you out there!

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  • Jason

    Wow–Wisdom is no longer in BtA…. I’ve been a fan from the beginning (wearing my Celestial Completion tee today, oddly enough) and I’ve always considered Jason a signature element in the band. That’s certainly not to say that other members weren’t important, but vocal changes are the most noticeable changes that bands usually make (unless they drastically change musical style with new musicians). Nevertheless, I’ll anticipate with the same excitement the next BtA release, even though it will be without Wisdom. Looking forward to more updates!

    • Jared Fourteen

      I’m wearing my CC shirt too!

  • Zach Kirkland

    Chris did an awesome job at the three shows I saw. Definitely worthy of following Jason. That being said, Jason, thanks for the absolutely incredible mission, ministry, vocals, and words. You’ll be missed and I hope you and your wife (and incoming little one) will have a happy life! God Bless!

  • derliebewolf

    Thanks for those honest words, Seth. Kinda mixed emotions here. I’m gonna miss the two for sure, no question. Chris did a good job indeed in Berlin on the other hand.

    Just send some love to the dudes and I hope to see you all again in Europe some time. Be blessed!

  • Jared Fourteen

    A bit of a bummer, but it’s completely understandable. I am excited to see what BTA does in the future, though. You have my continued support.

  • Cykotron

    So, yeah, I’m sad to see Jason and Duck leave, but Chris really kicked ass at Ichthus. Congrats to Chris and best wishes/prayers to Jason and Duck in whatever they chose to do now. I’m sure the other new members will be just as awesome.

  • countseth

    Thanks for the comments, guys. We appreciate your continued support and we do feel the love tonight!

  • Brian

    It is sad to see Duck and Jason go but I hope this change is a good change. Very few bands keep fans with vocalist changes and Underoath is one of the few where is worked out and I have full faith you guys will make it work out like Underoath did. Thank you guys for not calling it a day. I am excited for the new sound.

  • Tyler

    I’m really sad to see Jason go, but I’m sure Chris will do a great job. Jason’s vocals have always been one of my favorite parts of BTA, so It’s really sad to see him go. But I’m also glad he’s putting his family first, then band. Whatever happens from this point, I have full faith that you will continue to make amazing music.

  • Joel

    Damn shame. Hate to see Jason and Duck leave.
    However, I am still looking forward to what’s next for BtA.

    Best of luck to you guys.

  • Robert

    I’m bummed to say the least. “Celestial Completion” was without a doubt one of the best albums put out by a band, and so I hate to see that phase go. But with that being said, I eagerly look forward to what you guys come out with next, especially with “O Holy Night”.

    Now if Clifton ever leaves, then I will truly be devastated.

    • Dan

      Clifton’s one member that could NEVER leave!
      BTA would just cease to be….

  • Dan

    This will be quite the change for BTA… No epic Wisdom screams no more?! (you guys should just have him ‘featured’ on every song!)

    God bless as you head down this new road!
    DEFINITELY looking forward to the new and upcoming BTA metal!! :D

  • Austin

    A part of me died inside when I read this. Sad to hear Jason and Duck go. They will definitely be missed.

    • Austin

      That being said, I am hopeful for BtA and stand by them and what they do. Looking forward to the cover of Oh Holy Night with the new guy!

  • althrioan

    Chris vocals are sounding awesome on your O Holy Night cover. Great work!

  • Caleb Eversole

    i definitely am feeling melancholy about this. Thanks to Jason for the lyrics that the Holy Spirit used to carry me on in life. and thanks to both jason and duck for their beards. i’ll really miss them both. but im excited to see Chris take the helm. i dont think id want anyone else replacing Jason. what i love about you guys is that you never stay the same album to album, and you always mix it up, which really displays your true musicianship as a band. lineup changes are a part of that process, and im glad to see it continue. love you guys

  • Jared Fourteen

    Ack. I just bought O’ Holy Night. What a fantastic introduction to Chris!

  • ERROR:5021

    Jason Wisdom is the man who got me into metal, he had the perfect scream for someone who used to be scared of screams. I can’t believe this. The next album should be interesting.

  • Matt

    Really sad to hear that Jason and Duck are leaving! May God bless all your future endeavors!

    BTA, you’d better keep being awesome without them!

  • Nathan

    I am quite sad as well about Jason. I loved his beard and all that he brought to the band as far as personality and Base playing. Also his lyrics have touched my life and were apart of some encounters I have had with God. I still love you all and am waiting for all the good new things. Bless you