One thing that makes life on the road fun is composing lists.  If you’ve ever seen the movie High Fidelity, you know how much fun lists can be and how much they can reveal about your personality.  Its a fun way to express yourself and get into epic arguments about subjective opinions.

We do lists such as Top 10 Comedies, Top 10 Metal Albums, Top 5 TV Shows, you know, that sort of thing.  So we’d like to share this fun with you.  Choose any list you want to create and post it.  To get things started, I’ll list my Top 3 TV Shows.  Ok, here goes:

1) LOST – Best show of all time. Ending was a bummer, but nothing tops it’s superb story and character development.

2) The Office – Funniest show ever. And I don’t care what you think, it’s still good.

3) Arrested Development – Would be the funniest show ever if it’d gone more than 3 seasons. Rumor has it that a 4th season is on the way. Let’s all be good boys and girls so Santa will make it happen for our Christmas present.

After those first 3, it gets kinda difficult.  I don’t know how to compare Scrubs with, say, Seinfeld or The Simpsons.  You can see that I mostly watch comedies on TV.  I’ve heard Dexter is great, so I’m gonna try that soon and the same goes for The Walking Dead.  Oh yeah, and Person of Interest may turn out to be incredible.

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  • Jared Fourteen

    Person of Interest really fascinates me, and I don’t really even watch television. It reminds me of Early Edition, or something.

  • Corrie

    If you like Office, which I myself LOVE, you should check out Parks and Recreation. Also currently airing on NBC. Its made by the creators of the office, and shares comedic style. There’s superb characters and comedy.

    Flight of the Conchords. Brilliant, awkward, musical comedy genius.

    Dexter is really good, but a bit rough.

    Modern Family. Also a brilliant comedy. It cleaned house at the emmys this year.

    • countseth

      I enjoyed 30 Rock on occasion. Can’t stand Parks and Rec.

  • Jason

    I’m halfway through season three of Dexter and I am hooked. It’s unlike any other show I’ve ever watched.

  • skully

    this would be my list for top 5 comedies:
    1: seinfeld
    2: simpsons
    3: 30 rock
    4: metalocalypse (i don’t know why but i have a deep passion for really morbid “gallows” humor)
    5: my name is earl
    top 5 regular tv shows i love the most: lost, the walking dead, CSI (just the regular one, the miami or vegas ones are kinda too cheezy and unrealistic), criminal minds, dexter (only watched 1 eisode and i’m already in love with it)

    p.s: if you’ve never watched The Walking Dead before 1) what is wrong with you? 2) it’s a great show especially since it has the perfect balance of drama, action and gore. plus what’s even better is that it takes place in Atlanta :D

    • countseth

      Ooh, nice lise! Yeah, Metalocalypse is a lot of fun. Tons of Adult Swim shows are great, but they’re hard to compare to other comedies. I have every intention of watching the first season of The Walking Dead as soon as I can get my hands on it. My library says they have it, but it’s checked out.

      • skully

        -_- wow, that’s the lamest thing i’ve ever heard you say. you know you can watch it online right?

      • skully

        ^posted the link on your facebook

  • Brandon

    1. LOST
    2. The Office (UK)
    3. Extras
    4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • Joel

    I personally don’t know too much about TV beyond Star Trek.

    Off topic: Seth, if you’re not too busy, be sure to check Words With Friends. :D

  • Austin

    You should do a Top 10 Metal Albums list. I will buy every album you list (if I don’t already own it).

    • althrioan

      there would be some Decapitated and Mastodon in it – as far as i know. Except of that, I remember that Seth doesn’t listen to that much Metal (anymore?).