Our New Clifton Guitar

I don’t know if you’ve been staying up with BTA on facebook or twitter, but I’ve been announcing this for a couple weeks now.  Artist Series Guitar is releasing a special edition BTA guitar and man, its so rad!  With Clifton gracing the body of the guitar, this baby surpasses pretty much every guitar’s body artwork that I can think of.

When ASG initially approached me about doing a guitar, I was stoked about it, but didn’t know what design we could use to represent BTA.  I talked with Ryan Clark about it for awhile and we tossed around the ideas of using the letters BTA on it or using our logo or something like that.  None of those felt right.  None of those ideas carried any excitement or coolness with them.  Then I remembered our old friend Clifton Radburry.  Oh yeah, that’s right, Clifton has a last name.  Any of you who used to follow us on myspace might have noticed that occasionally a myspace post would appear bearing his insignia.  But Clifton is a sort of LOTR character who bears many names (ever wonder about that in LOTR?).  So he can also be referred to as Clifton Beardskull, which is more of a job description or character tale sort of name.

Now, this guitar is pretty sweet.  With a Les Paul-style body and dual coil humbuckers, it’s a solid option for a rock or hard rock sound.  Of course there’s no whammy-bar option, but who (besides Eddie Van Halen) needs those anyway?  The black matte hardware adds an element of serious attitude and is something I look for (even though, I know, it has nothing to do with tone or playability. Still.) in a guitar that I feel comfortable wearing around my neck.  The headstock is also very cool.  Considering so many headstocks have been done before, ASG did a good job designing something that wasn’t too wild (like a stupid Warlock) but was too bland or copy-cattish (is that a word?).

Now, granted, this isn’t a $2,000 guitar that we’ve got here.  What we’ve got is a solid guitar that will sound good and play well and look insanely cool.  And its very affordable.  At $449, this baby is a good price and is something I’m proud of.  Ultimately, the Clifton guitar is the guitar of choice for affordable, cool-looking heavy tone and when I get mine, I’ll be wielding that axe all over the place (like in the living room and bathroom, but mainly on stage).

So there you have it!  Now what do you think?

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  • Nick

    Saw the guitar when you posted it on FB and it is so sick! Makes me wish I played guitar.

  • Abe

    Sounds sick, but for those of us who don’t facebook, twitter, myspace, etc, etc…visual proof is necessary; otherwise, your claims are totally bogus!! Mwahahahaha!!

    Just kidding…I would like to see “The” Clifton guitar though. How about an acoustic electric model??!! :)

    • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

      Honest Abe (may I call you that?), follow me down the rabbit hole by clicking this link: http://tinyurl.com/3bywv5a

  • Joel

    I’m not interested if Clifton can’t shoot lasers out of his empty eye sockets.

    • http://www.celestialcompletion.com countseth

      This guitar does that. Buy it.

      • Joel

        The people in the front row with their crossed arms and scowls had better beware.

  • Nathan Street

    If I was a guitarist and not a bassist, I’d so start dropping trees with an axe like that.