Tour done!

Well, it was the longest tour BTA had done in 5 years, but we did it!  6 weeks on the road for a full US tour! We even went to Canada for 5 shows and I think we traveled through about 30 states.

Now we’ve got some time off as we look forward to our 3 week European tour this fall.  We also will be busy on the song front, as we’re currently working on a remix EP.  Yeah, it’s gonna be sweet.  More news on that later.  Also, we may be working on another single to record this fall and have out sometime near the end of the year.

That’s the update for now! Enjoy the last fleeting moments of your summer!

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  • althrioan

    Yeah. Keep us teasing with a single. NF was a great idea (the sound as well as the idea to release a one song single) and even though I normally can’t connect with remixes I think that you guys will blow my mind.

    Did you hear the new Opeth tune?

    • althrioan

      *but I think that you guys …

  • althrioan

    I mixed up cover EP and remix EP. Cynic’s remix EP Re-Traced was a great thing so keep on doing something else!!!! yeah! Songs from TPOF would be great :D

  • Josh Romero

    Woohoo! Awesome to hear that you guys are working on a remix album and new single! I can’t wait to hear your stuff. You guys are still my favorite band, so I’m very happy to hear you are keeping busy on new material. I pray you don’t ever lose that “fire in the belly” despite not “lighting the world on fire” like some mainstream bands, because you are still changing hearts right and left, as more and more people get introduced to your phenomenal tunes.

    God bless you guys and glad you’re tour was successful! Good luck in Europe! Btw I’ll have you know that Becoming the Archetype is the ONLY show that I’ve attended this year, when you played in Arizona. :)