Music Video #2

Yeah, we’re so awesome, we get to do TWO videos for our new album.  How rad is that?  As many of you know, our first music video was pretty epic and fun and hilarious and flippin sweet and all that.  This video is gonna match that level of intense sweetness.  But in a totally different way.

This music video is all animation.

And man, it’s killer animation.  If you’re a fan of graphic novels, comic books or cartoon shows then get ready for an overload of incredible.  Your Archetype Boys star in an animated story that includes flying through space, battling robot/aliens and bringing beard-joy to the world.

This video will be out in late May/early June but if you don’t prepare now, it’ll give you sensory overload and send you into enjoyment spasms.  Which isn’t a totally bad thing, I guess.

Our friend Dave Prindle from The Skies Revolt is doing the video and let me tell you, he is a great artist and shares our sense of humor, nerdiness and quest for excellence.  This is a win/win/win and you’re part of all three of those wins.

Huzzah for the triune Win!

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  • Matt

    Which song is the video for?

    • Tyler

      Since this says it has to do with flying through space, and I know Path of the Beam was described as being about riding a motorcycle through space, I’m guessing that’s the song. But I’m only guessing.

      • Matt

        That’s my guess as well.

  • warriorsofregeneration

    I believe it is path of the beam as well and if i remember correctly, we were shown a short clip of this music video (probably the earliest versiion of it) in one of the studio vids

    • Forsythe Meier

      Do you mean the beginning of the video, where there’s like a comic book cover? I thought that was an Apple intro thing from their video program.
      Yes, I hope it’s Path of the Beam.

  • countseth

    Actually, the music video is for Breathing Light. So you’ll get a lot of animation in that long of a song!

    • Assassin15

      I’m still having a hard time deciding which is the best song in the world, Path of the Beam or Breathing Light. Either way, I can’t believe you’re doing a video for such an amazing song! Usually vids are done for the suckiest ones.

    • Austin

      Yesh! Breathing Light! Woohoo!

  • Robot Wrestler

    Breathing Light? That’s awesome! I can’t wait for this video!

  • Seba

    “This is a win/win/win and you’re part of all three of those wins.”

    3 videos, maybe?? :)

    • Austin G.

      The third video could be all 3 parts of the Requiem Aeternam trilogy in one song. That would be the most epic video ever.